Everything’s Under Control

October 20, 2007

So today I’m supposed to be beginning to install my semi-demi-thesis-related nature scene show, which shares the title of this blog.  It’s 11am and I should already have the room painted and I’m still in my pajamas and browsing the web for photos to stoke my jealousy enough for me to get out there and go for the gold, so to speak.

Actually I want to go back to sleep.

But something that occured to me when laying in bed, keeping my life at arms’ distance this morning, is that shows at my particular art school are often great but often lack one key component: an exhibition strategy.  Shows here (and upperclass undergrads and MFAs all get one solo show a year) tend toward focusing on the display of work as if it already were being presented in a gallery/museum context.  (And that little “/” between gallery and museum is something for another post another time.)  Shows often take into consideration the size of a room (there are seven galleries on campus) but not: spatial relationships, relationships between discrete works, the differing phenomenology of different media, light, color, location, and context.  So needless to say I’m bringing all this stuff up because it’s becoming more and more crushingly important to me.  I’m not sure why, but while I can control the space I’m in, I’m going to use the power of institutional indifference to crank my shit up to 11, so to speak.

This photo is a good indicator of the kind of stuff filling most of the walls; I’ll put up photos of some of the work itself tomorrow and some exhibition shots tomorrow, continuing under teh pretense that someone is or will actually read any of this.  



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