December 9, 2007

My fascination with photography started not with any sort of natural inclination toward photography as I knew it as a youngster (classical, dull b/w 2nd-rate Edward Weston stuff) but because when I was a college th****e student and directed plays I ended up thinking of them, especially the ones I wrote, more and more as tableaux vivant, and subsequently got more interested in documenting the productions by means of still photography than in the productions themselves.  Then a friend gave me a point-and-shoot she found in a parking lot where she worked and here I am today, anxious, broke, and slowly circling back to the kind of overt theatricality that first interested me.

So one or two of these may go in the show as near-lifesize works.  I generally don’t like gigantor photography, but I want to underline the aggression latent in the shots below.

 And if you are thinking “Derek Jarman’s The Last of England ripoff!!” you get bonus points. 







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