The Few, The Proud, The Relaxed and Amiable

December 14, 2007

So I went to the Marines’ version of Fake Iraq on Tuesday, and while events pre- and post-visit were more uh, eventful than the actual visit itself, I got to see a very different presentation of Iraq made out of more or less identical materials: shipping containers, concrete barriers, and plywood.   Some of the many, many shots I took are below.

I’m also at a weird phase in which I feel like I both have too much and not enough work for the Big Show.  In terms of literal counts, I probably have collected well over 1000 individual images for this project and I have two more shoots to go.  But something’s missing, and I haven’t figured out what yet.

In other news, I’ve dropped out of my art schools’ Graduation Show for reasons that mostly have to do with me having to go through a lot of hassle and expense in order for people to walk past my work in order to get to the good stuff.   I also have qualms about what that kind of show is supposed to do, and for whom it really is (both in terms of presenters and audience).   Mostly I just need to get over having things like “ideals” and “principles.”


Above: the Mosque at Wadi Al-Sahara, courtesy of Home Depot.


Above: I was teamed with some journalists from a British tabloid who were, to say the very least, cold and disdainful, but the photographer was cute.  Also, pushy.


Above: the view from the second floor of the “Mayor’s Office.”


 Above: The Marines themselves were a lot nice and more friendly than the journalists.  It was a shock to realize most of them were my age or younger–sometimes a lot younger.   But they were actually as curious about art school and what goes on there as I was about them.  When worlds collide, I guess. 


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