Thesis, Interrupted

December 15, 2007

So I’ve gotten a little overcooked w/r/t my thesis projects lately and have a lot of anger I need to sublimate (long story) so recently I started making abstract and text-based photos that are dumb and aggressive.   Some examples are below; the ones farthest down are the original tests of the question “does abstraction always collapse into depoliticized decoration?” to which the answer seems to be yes.  The works at the top add pop song lyrics or public language junk on top of the abstractions to push and undercut the decorative.  (The only one I find interesting is the top, which is a quote from an old Tori Amos song, but could easily be read as misogynist out of the context of personally knowing me, which is how most of my art, if it ever gets seen, is going to be seen.)








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