Shopping Carts!

December 26, 2007

This is the first Xmas I’ve spent without my family.  We don’t really celebrate Xmas but it would be nice to see them, but instead I’m cooped up in a tiny house with five pets and a drug addict hag roommate. 

So I went to the mall.  Actually, a strip mall, but a really large one.  I religiously (heh) avoid stores in the few days pre- and post-Xmas but I was curious what I would find when I went on Xmas day itself.   It turned out to be an ocean of dumped-over and abandoned shopping carts.

Ever since I moved to LA and became aware of the fact that shopping carts are the single most ubiquitous feature of the city–they’re everywhere–I’ve been fascinated.  So this was a goldmine for me, and I took enough pictures for a nice book to sell called Shopping and consisting entirely of pictures of abandoned shopping carts beautifully lit by the winter sunset.

I also experienced Christmas Rage today, but not as bad as my sister, who was screaming obscenities in an alleyway and hurling tires (actual icy auto tires) all the way down the alley.  Christmas is a stressful time of year.






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