December 30, 2007





My idea about exposing the market/meritocratic structure behind the year-end show has gotten me thinking: is there such a thing as “transgressive” art anymore?  I’m thinking this also because I’ve been revisiting some bdsm-culture photos I took earlier this year, but (to me, at least) they look downright tame.  I wasn’t aiming for shock or transgression, but even the less-well-known Mapplethorpe stuff my shots were modeled after don’t seem shocking to me.  

The only artwork I can think of that freaks me out, in fact, is when Polish artist Artur Zmijewski got a concentration camp survivor to “refresh” his Nazi serial number tattoo.   But that’s real: it’s an actual action.  I don’t see how an image can be provocative anymore, though of course it’s a matter of what audience.


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