Flexible Distribution Strategies part 2

January 5, 2008

So: I’ve been thinking about the retail idea of the “price point.”  When I used to work for an art museum gift shop, the standard markup was something around 2.1 in ratio or roughly 110%.  Meaning that something the store bought for $10 would be sold for $21.00.  This may seem pricey but when you figure in shipping, storage, labor, space rental, and the inevitable % of stuff that just won’t sell, it’s only kind of pricey.

The idea of a system appeals to me, though, so here’s a base-10 scheme for photographs 20×30″ and smaller:

small pdf: free (unlimited edition)

high-res jpg: $10 (edition of 100)

actual unframed print: $100 (edition of 10)

framed print: $1000 (edition of 1)

Hit me with some comments about whether you think this kind of scheme would work or not, inside or outside a gallery system.


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