Radical Decision of the Day

January 20, 2008

Sorry for the absence of posts, for the three or four of you who read this.  A lot of hither and a fair amount of thither.

 But: I decided to scrap my whole entire thesis show.

I had about 60 images pinned to the wall and realized that I was more or less painting myself into the corner of doing what I always do, which is to say, overdoing it.  Which I’ve already done plenty.  So I decided to save all that work for future shows and just focus on upcoming pictures I’ll be taking–nightvision shots at an Army base.

 The long and the short of it, though, is that I have become the Army’s point person for funneling art students onto the base to play “reporters,” which is what I’m doing next week.  This process of becoming an ad hoc temp Army recuiter for Art seems much more interesting than just coughing up a bunch of nice pictures for a nice show, so: I’m asking all the people I’m sending out there to be part of a group show that I’ll curate and design.  The 40×50 foot gallery is definitely big enough, so….I’m actually more excited and less worried about this thing now.  Thoughts?  Comments?

Also, I let this guy shave my head.  (Long story.)


9 Responses to “Radical Decision of the Day”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    Have you taken a self-portrait sans hair yet?

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Nope. But I might today. I can’t decide whether I look like a younger, gayer Uncle Fester or a Mr. Clean gone to seed.

  3. Will Says:

    I love the idea of basic training for art students.
    Obstacle courses, training missions, the mind reels
    with the possibilities.

    And what’s this about the hair?

  4. Nicholas Says:

    When they first embedded jearl journalists in the real Iraq, they actually *had* a short boot camp to that the reporters weren’t a “liability.”

    Also, some dude shaved my head for, let me put it this way: erotic purposes. I’ll send you a picture.

  5. jeanne Says:

    let see a picture of the new hair cut

  6. Didn’t you take a photo of your newly shaven head with the er uh little surprise on it? I have to see that.

    Also, someone sent me a link to this collection of Russian subway photos.

  7. ChaoticMom Says:

    Uh… The wife again. You interested in designing a logo for our unit (6-4 CAV)? I know you’re interested in making a few bucks (been reading your blog…).

  8. Nicholas Says:

    I’d be interested in giving it a try, definitely, though I can’t guarantee good results.

    You can contact me at ngrider11 (at) yahoo.com to talk about what you need. And thanks for reading; I hope all the whining about the art world isn’t too boring.

  9. Nicholas Says:

    Also, let me know if you want any photos. The cost to print them is, until I graduate in May, next to nothing.

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