March 25, 2008

So it turns out that for the first time, today, I figured out I could see the general blog stats for this place, and it turns out that the number is higher than I thought.  It’s not high, and it’s probably mostly just my mom (hi, mom) and people finding it accidentally through Google, but it made me briefly consider whether I should watch what I say. (Nope.)

But this is related to my earlier rant about my thesis show.  The group of people on campus who were most enthusiastic about it turned out to be the security guards.   They kept bringing it up, they wanted to shake my hand, etc. etc.  This actually probably says a lot about who, ultimately, my work is going to appeal to, and it also meant a lot more than the standard “hey, nice job” from some random administrator (or fellow student) who probably can’t remember my name.

More mindlessly fun Los Angeles pictures:





3 Responses to “Hmm.”

  1. Ryan Barone Says:

    These remind me of Ed Ruscha in the absolute best way possible.

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Thanks! Ruscha is a touchstone, as are Ida Applebroog and Richard Prince, though I’m not comparing myself in terms of quality, just style.

  3. calvin Says:

    very nice, keep em comin!!

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