More Los Angeles

March 31, 2008

More shots from this weekend.  (The negatives are old but the next is new.)  And of course, the title “I wanna live in Los Angeles” hails from Frank Black’s 1993 album lead single “Los Angeles.”  Black grew up here, I think, but has the same sort of obsession with the place as I do, I think.I’m also starting to think that these may make a good book project–in general, and I’ve mentioned it before, I’m looking for alternative methods of getting art out there, and books seem like a smart idea–but even in the age of Lulu and desktop publishing they’re still expensive to produce.  So cross your fingers that I find a pile of money in the street and I’ll make a copy for all of the 14 people who read this blog.  Comment on which ones you like and which you don’t and why, though.  If you have the time.  Also, the new REM album comes out next Tuesday.  Go get it.  No, really.  I think it’s in my top four along with New Adventures, Document, and Automatic.  (#5 would be Monster.)  If I had aforementioned pile of street money, I would upgrade my blog and stream “Horse to Water,” but just go buy it.  It’ll be on sale. losa18a.jpglosa25a.jpglosa26a.jpglosa28a.jpglosa30a.jpglosa33a.jpglosa35a.jpg


2 Responses to “More Los Angeles”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    “next time try harder” seems like a cover shot

  2. Adam Lennox Says:

    This is a cool pic!

    It kinda says a lot about my wife’s approach to things (in a good way)!

    How are you saving the image at decent resolution with such a small file size (only 96k but a decent picture)

    Is there any chance you could send me a high resolution electronic copy of the pic?


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