May 3, 2008

So I went to Art Chicago, and it was actually not the craven deal-brokering I imagined but something more like a laidback but really, really upscale swap meet.  More on that later.

Below is some new stuff; these were made in a very Rube Goldberg way by printing color blocks over actual book pages and then scanning the somewhat random results.  Most of the pages I grabbed from the falling-apart, 20-year-old book were from the Flowers or the Medical and Anatomy sections. 

The whole deal comes out of thinking about Wade Guyton, who has a sort of inkjet-printer-as-paintbrush way of working that’s more interesting and complex than it sounds and is (I think) a great idea, but what’s a little problematic for me is that Guyton’s actual work is a little disappointing in light of the greatness of the idea: run canvas through an inkjet printer so what you’ve got is half-digital, half-“handmade.”  But I might just not be familiar enough with his work.

So the stuff below is part one of a three-pronged attempt to answer the question of whether I can borrow that idea and make something decent that’s not just a ripoff.  (Jury’s still out.)  Prongs two and three will appear in future posts; I’ve been making a ton of work since my thesis show closed, as if the clock is ticking, hence the post title; I’m Making Art as Fast as I Can.  Quality control is for talented people.



One Response to “Acceleration”

  1. These are gorgeous! How big are they? You’ll have to explain the process to me in person, ’cause I’m not quite getting it.

    See you Monday!

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