Tiny Little Summer Fundraiser

June 10, 2008

So this is embarrassing but let’s just get it over with:

I’m in two gallery shows on July 19th in LA and can’t afford airfare to actually go to the shows, one of which I curated.  So I’m selling 5 each of the following four prints at $50.   Each print is 10×15″ and shipping is included.  If you’re interested in larger sizes, inquire.  Any excess funds I raise will go into my art-related trips to Fort Polk, Fort McCoy, Afghanistan and maybe West Point later this year.

The shows, by the way:

(tba) group show, Sam Lee Gallery, Chinatown, July 19-?

Fake Iraq Film Night, Sea and Space Explorations, July 19.  Featuring work by Danielle Adair, Daiana Feuer, Nicholas Grider and Suzanne Mejean.



#1.  STX Series #5 (IED explosion), 2008

#2 Self Portrait, 2008

#3 Untitled (Afraid), from I Wanna Live in Los Angeles series, 2007-2008

#4 Stephen Throwing a Chair, 2008


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