Websites and Grains of Salt

June 22, 2008

Just a note that my offical website, newly and sleekly designed by John Herbst, is now up:

It contains a series called Medlane shot at Fake Iraq that I’m not sure about–I think it may be too graphic without context.  Let me know what you think.

Also, here’s another favorite video:

And another:

Finally, it has occurred to me that some of my posts here about CalArts are over-the-top histrionic.  I still believe in the substance of what I wrote, but it’s clear in hindsight that there was nothing personal about being systematically pulped and processed by the US education system; that’s just how it works.

Now go watch Jarvis Cocker get hit by peacock feathers again.



2 Responses to “Websites and Grains of Salt”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    You’ll have to update your mailing address on your cv as I think your Calarts mailbox is no longer under your name.

    The Medlane series is one of the most direct series I’ve seen from you. The more conceptually colorful than prior photos of fake Iraq you’ve put up.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Will Says:

    I think the disclaimer on the Medlane series, that it’s part of
    a training exercise, is enough. It’s good that it brings home
    the reality of what they’re going into. I’ve seen interviews
    with soldiers who like the combat videos being put up on
    websites (often set to Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”) since they show
    the reality the news obscures.

    Speaking of that, I’d like to strongly endorse and recommend
    reading or watching anything John Pilger has ever done. He
    gets my rubber stamp approval. (But then, so does John S. Hall
    from King Missile, so there you are).

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