Dog Days of July?

July 10, 2008

Not much going on here lately, though I should have some video to post soon once I get a YouTube account.

In the meanwhile: music videos.  I can’t say enough about how much I cherish this medium and how undervalued it is.  I was looking at the latest Phaidon Massive Anthology yesterday (Ice Cream), and it’s amazing how many of the selected artists were working in video: nearly all 100 of them.  My off-the-cuff theory on why this is splits into two sections: 1) artists my generation know that people of my generation tend to be lured in by moving images, and 2) it’s a lot cheaper to ship a DVD somewhere than to ship a larger sculpture, or even a photograph.  The other reason has to do with ambivalence about art as being a potentially rarefied and elitist thing (and elitism being always bad) as well as a deep-seated thirst for control.   I’ll get to that in a future post, but or now: the video art that’s been around for ages, music video. 

I grew up with the medium.  I would watch videos, as a child, multiple times (back when they aired on TV) even if I disliked the song or artist.  It’s clear from the first video pieces I’ve made that the primary inlfuence on my approach is the quick-cut ambiguity of most of the better music videos out there.  So a lot of my stuff is ending up looking like the following:


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