Help Me Decide My Fate

September 8, 2008

So.  I need to go back to school/back to LA.  But the particulars of that plan are a little sketchy.  There are a number of things I could do.

1. Get a PhD in Communication.  This may take 5 more years of school, though.

2. Get a PhD in Art/Philosophy whatever.  This is more appealing but, again, expensive.

3. Try for the MA in Aesthetics and Politics at CalArts.  This is problematic.

4. Get the equivalent of an MBA in arts/non-profit administration.

5. Go to law school.

This is sort of how, when I see customers walk in and spend an hour at the bookstore I work at and leave not finding anything, I find it fascinating and weird because I’m interested in approximately everything (everywhere all of the time).

Hit me up with some sage advice.


3 Responses to “Help Me Decide My Fate”

  1. 1. I don’t know what a PhD in Communication is, or what someone does with the degree, so I can’t comment on this.

    2. Getting a PhD in Art/Philosophy seems to be more in keeping with your general interests. My understanding is that there is usually some teaching income that goes along with a Ph.D. program, so that the day-to-day living while you’re in school isn’t quite so stressful.

    3. I think you should get a degree from some other place besides CalArts. I also thought they weren’t interested in taking you, and they recommended you enroll in a Ph.D. program. That’s probably good advice.

    4. Getting an MBA in arts/non-profit administration seems more lucrative on the surface, but it doesn’t seem to be in keeping with your interests. It seems like a schmoozy position, and I have trouble seeing you in that role. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

    5. Do you have an interest in getting a JD or practicing law? This seems to come from left field.

    Overall, getting a Ph.D. seems to ‘fit’ well with your interest in returning to academia; I would look into programs that have faculty you’re interested in working with and majors that overlap your interest in writing, art, etc.

  2. Adam Says:

    Ditto Michael’s (which rides strongly on option two)

  3. First, I’d listen to Matt Kresling’s “Beast That Swallows Its Young” on YouTube. Twice. At least twice.

    Then, I’d think, do I really need to go to school? You have a wide intelligence and a clear voice, combined with an elbows-out inability to lie low and pretend everything’s fine. How about a job in public art? Go over to Glenn Weiss’ public art blog on ArtsJournal and pick his brain. Very pickable. Nice guy. Regina

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