September 8, 2008

My heart belongs to enormous, bizarre fake middle easts in the Californian desert.  More text soon.  Some pics: the top pic is of two civilian actors at the NTC, and the bottom pic is of soldiers playing “insurgents.”


One Response to “Sigh.”

  1. I assume you made the sign in the second photo?

    After viewing some of the fake Iraq pictures you posted a while back, Robert and I went to a gay wedding expo. I couldn’t help but think how similar the two events are as types of rehearsals.

    Psychology tells us that practice (even when it’s fake) prepares us for the real thing. Going through the motions commits the act to muscle memory, which routes around the pre-frontal cortex. That means when you do it for real, your actions are not impeded by rational thought and equivocation–you just mindlessly go for it.

    Robert and I were in some ritzy hotel, tasting wedding cake samples, and checking out the party rental decor. There was a wedding arch where you could get your picture taken. It’s like capitalism’s big sluice that funnels you into a particular role in the GWOT: buying shit or blowing shit up.

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