Systemization is good for you.

October 6, 2008

Or it’s good for me.  Sitting down with a heavy cold and all the loose ends of my various projects, I had a headcold-enduced epiphany which involved Thomas Ruff, CalArts, Sol LeWitt, the recession, and my own impatience. 

So, I’ve decided to (for the time being) systematize my work into categories with the simple goal of adding more to the archive of every kind.  Categories: 1) Portraits.  2) War photojournalism.  3) “Queer Abstraction.”

I’m especially still interested in the idea of queer abstraction, and will be starting up a regular feature here in a few days in which you, the reader, can participate.  ‘Cause nothing invites participation like the illusion of choice.

Here, though, are some attempts toward queer abstraction.  I’ll get at more what I mean in a future post.


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