New Old Work; Random Thoughts

October 29, 2008

1) So here’s some work I stumbled upon while sifting through my hard drive; it’s made by swinging around and indiscriminately opening the shutter on a cheap Holga. I had more or less written this series off but happened to not delete and there are some interesting things, there.  I am always doing this, too; I had to write some profs to recover an entire book manuscript that I had tossed out.  I guess when you produce a lot of stuff you get lax about keeping good track of it.

2) Hopsitals seem to be the ultimate modernist phsyical manifestations of depression and anxiety.  Housing projects are probably much worse on the “terrifying dystopia” side of things, but more people come in contact with hospitals.  They’re like universal Hotels of Dismay, at least in the US.  I’d like to make work about this but I’m not sure I feel like hounding hospital people on the phone.

3) U2 really sucks.  They didn’t used to suck, but oh boy do they suck now.

4) On the other hand, it’s an uphill slog at the start but Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury is pretty damn amazing.  And heartbreaking.



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