Old, Cold, Queer

November 8, 2008

Sorry, I’ve been on “vacation” for a while boning up on how to apply for arts ed. jobs this year and reading Faulkner and e. e. cummings.  Some new stuff, plus unpopular opinions.

I’m still thinking about queer abstraction, and the rainbow flag seems like a good place to start.  (More on the history of the flag later).  I think it’s very telling about the current state of groupthink in the gay (not queer) world that “we” have a flag.  Why do we need a flag?

This leads me back to wonder about whether I’m really queer, not gay, because gay now = upper-middle class white male profressionals and is not inclusive the way you would tend to think.  Case in point is Prop. 8 in California.  It’s a scandal that it was approved, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world.  Why: because there are much more vital and pressing Gay Issues to contend with before marraige, which is a straight person’s trifle.  Things like human rights, civic rights, not getting the shit beaten out of us, teen suicides, teen runaways/homelessness, disease prevention, workplace rights, the LBT and Q of LGBTQ, and the ongoing problem of race and class and how they trianglulate with sexuality.  Self-preservation, basically.  The fact that the biggest movers and shakers are the people with nothing to lose is typical but still makes me cynical.



Now for your regular stuff.

1. Gobama!

2. Some pictures of Milwaukee in November.  Yes it really looks like this, though the effect here is the condensation on the kitchen windows.



And finally, old.  I don’t feel as old as I did a while ago; not sure why.  More stuff coming up in the future, I guess.  But I couldn’t resist buying a 50-cent skeleton kit where I work and taking pictures of it.  Nothing spectacular so far, but this one is nice.



2 Responses to “Old, Cold, Queer”

  1. Will Says:

    I don’t know if you’re into it, but Dykes to Watch Out For has
    been covering gay marriage/class/who are the movers and
    shakers/queer identity/etc. for quite a while and I’m a complete
    addict (I see myself as a recovering Mo). Her autobiography
    “Fun Home” won awards and helped me survive my dissertation.

    I’d like to hear about the origin of the flag. Also, the skeleton
    shot would fit right into a Tool video. And yay Obama! America’s
    strength lies not in our arms or our wealth, but in our ideals.
    I teared up to hear a president say that.

  2. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    I was installing some older work at a show that Diana-Sofia Estrada has put together at a small alternative space:

    At the same time as the Butler article, there’s been quite a bit of interesting responses to Prop. 8 both here in town and in cyberspace. Over at Dennis Cooper’s blog, Friday’s and Today’s comments section have been lively.

    At the same time Bernard Welt did a guest post on STH, Boyd McDonald’s old publication. I have a few of the anthologies lying around, as well as a handful of the original chapbooks. In a way it’s what Butt tries to be with their inclusion of smut, but fails (in terms of JO potential).

    All this has got me to thinking that there’s a void of queer smut/art/politics that takes advantage of the internet’s possibility for two-way dialog (like this, and like STH’s reader-submitted stories).

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