November 16, 2008

So I did a little phone work and have appointments set up to take pictures of hotel rooms and hospital rooms.  Here are a few hotel rooms from earlier this week.  I’m currently obsessed with hosptials ’cause I was in one not long ago (no big deal) and I’ve always been fascinated by how hotels offer an assembly-line facsimile of domesticity.  Both spaces are creepy, and are more alike than I think people would like to think.  Function fades under the sheer weight of the formality/formalism of the spaces.

These eventually could be a roomful of prints, though I’m also thinking of taking a lot of shots and just unloading them onto a video loop for an endless uncanny slideshow of Institiutionality.





2 Responses to “Hospitality”

  1. I have a personal interest in the one’s with the art on the walls. There’s a great book by a sociologist who analyzed the art displayed in people’s homes, compared by socio-economic level. For a while I used to do Google Image searches of “living room” just to look at the art on the walls. It’s pretty rare to come across an image without some rectangular framed thing.

    When I worked for Hyatt, they used to make a point of buying “real art” for the rooms. This was all done through interior decorators and contract furnishings. One property had about 200 rooms on 18 floors, with a dozen rooms on each floor. The interior design firm bought 18 of an edition, so if you went to any other room on your floor it would have different art, but all the rooms directly above and below yours would be identical.

  2. Will Says:

    Perhaps a formalized viewing installation with a standard chair,
    side table, and pictures shown in a digital frame? Maybe a plastic
    flower and notepad?

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