Police Action

November 28, 2008

So I’ve been offered a solo show in Boston next fall and need to come up with something.  Not hard, you say, you produce too much work anyway.  Yes, but: a lot of work doesn’t necessarily equal a cohesive and compelling exhibition.  I speak from experience.

The show I’m thinking about will delve back into my police work (that predates this blog) for some photos, a sculpture, some drawings and maybe a video.  The centerpiece would probably be the following diptych, two shots of an officer in Wisconsin that are both great happy accidents.

The question here is where to draw the line, if I draw one, between a more documentary-style show and one that acknowledges the fetish side of all this, visually and sexually.  I’m leaning toward the latter but I’m concerned about oversimplification.  So I’m sharing this stuff and some stuff in the future as a means of organizing it in my head; comments welcome.




2 Responses to “Police Action”

  1. Michael Says:

    Were you tinking about including the pictures where you had yourself fake-arrested? I liked those.

    I expect there are ways to organize the show so it includes elements of fetish and still maintain a level of complexity

  2. Will Says:

    I certainly think it’s possible to include both without
    being too simple about either one. I remember when
    Amistad came out; some people commented on how
    sexy the slave characters looked. They certainly weren’t
    fetishized by the movie, but for people into bondage and
    muscular men, they’d see it on that level too (as a fantasy,
    without, obviously, any lack of sympathy for actual slaves).
    That had never occurred to me.

    I think your photos are subtle enough (aside from the fetish
    party, I suppose) that different people would take different
    things from it, without being served either perspective.
    It’s interesting. I automatically look for character/emotional
    contrast in these two photos, because this is how I tend to
    see people. I’m thinking about how he feels, about
    how he’s presenting himself in each one. Case in point.

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