Direct Contradiction

January 10, 2009

A few days ago I posted something against the idea of simply placing the body in front of a camera lens.

So, here’s the work I’m doing this spring: portraits.  Yes.  Um.  This is an older series of work I’ve just begun to shoot new images for; resssurecting the old (2003-2005) project is a weird feeling, but it’s also conforting to revisit something that I know “works” and something that I can approach differently now with a different attitude toward photography.  Time will tell whether I can make anything out of this.  I’m doing it for a show in Milwaukee, but wanted to revisit this work anyway because I am, of course, restless.

The top photo is new; the others are from 2005.





3 Responses to “Direct Contradiction”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    Observed requirements seem to be:
    -approximating middle-age
    -corner of room visible
    -natural light source visible
    -picture frame on wall
    -table slightly off of center
    -more seating than necessary to accommodate sitter
    -the amount of visible window is bifurcated once
    -at least one arm rests on nearest flat surface
    -it is unclear by the expression of the first and the third sitters whether they are being photographed in their own homes

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Most of those rules are conscious decisions. The original rules were:

    1) male
    2) suit and tie
    3) no looking directly at the camera
    4) photographed in their own homes
    5) relaxed (standing or sitting)
    6) corner of room visible
    7) natural light source visible

    And I am planning on sticking to them as much as possible. The rules are as interesting to me as the outcome.

  3. Roger Says:

    …ha, was googling Luke Stephenson and some how landed on you blog?

    I saw that show, it was great!..I’m gonna get in trouble, but it was one of the stronger shows I’ve seen from the Photo/Media dept. The installation was amazing too.

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