The Greenwood (1)

January 12, 2009

This is just a perfunctory little entryway post to lay out a project which is my response to the queer abstraction question, which is to make work about the trace of the body to physical and violent ends without actually including the body itself.  Space is the place, people.

The project itself consists of five tiers of photos running in uneven strips along a wall.  Tier one is photos of the sky over Elysian Park, one of the cruising destinations for gay men in Los Angeles.  Tier two is the entire public domain text of D. H. Lawrence’s short story “The Prussian Officer” (more about that later).  Tier three is closeups of gay bdsm equipment: sleepsacks, straitjackets, etc.  Tier four is small photos of pieces of cloth with floral prints (not yet taken).  Tier five are large photos taken at Elysian Park that show the landscape in an obscurantist Thomas Struth way I’ll also explain when I have more energy.  These tiers all work together for me, though the leaps are somtimes lateral, and the text is far from an explanation of the photos.

So, more later about the Victorian sex utopia roots of this, but for now, here are some pics of tiers 3 and 5.






2 Responses to “The Greenwood (1)”

  1. Burtons Haynes Says:

    hi,fantastic jeans in your post,I love thatbeautifuljeans,I need to find one for me,bill

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