January 20, 2009

So now is about the time in the upper midwest where people (or, me) hunker down and ache and get sick and wait for winter to be over.  (I still have sinusitis though it’s fading.)  My point: this is an explanation of why I’ve been quiet here lately.  Winter has gotten me fed up, and so has the behavior of certain people I won’t name, so every decision I make is echoed by the internal question “but wouldn’t it be easier to just curl up in bed?”

Mostly I do not get the chance to do that though because of my wonderful job I probably won’t get fired from and my current work on the men in suits project and my attempts to “date” which are thwarted because Milwaukee men are so dull and grey and old it makes me want to weep.

Just so this post is actually useful: I can heartily recommend both the new Antony & the Johnsons album plus the debut by Fever Ray.  (Fever Ray is Karin Dreijer, the vocalist from the Knife, solo.  It’s only available digitally right now but if cold Norwegian electro is what you need while you curl up in bed and wait for the world to thaw out, Fever Ray is for you.)

More thoughts on art comin’ on up soon, including an attempt to answer the question of why working on art is thrilling while installing and showing it is usually a terrible experience.


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