Archived Stammering

March 12, 2009

Click this link and scroll down a bit in order to hear a 12-minute interview with me on public radio about the men in suits project.  I say “um” and “right” a lot and am surprised at the arch tone of my voice.  Yikes.


2 Responses to “Archived Stammering”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    It seemed like a productive little description of the project. Good to hear.

  2. Will Says:

    Excellent. It’s great to hear your voice again. I really liked the tone of
    the discussion, and how she kept it centered on your ideas and experiences.

    It’s interesting timing, too. I’ve taken to wearing suits every day to class
    now (as has the whole department, more or less) and just ordered two
    books on their history and how to wear them well, etc. It’s a semi-ironic
    rebellion here–even if they won’t treat us as professionals, we insist on
    carrying ourselves as such. It’s also a strongly ambivalent experience for
    me, hating “the uniform” when I was younger, and now wanting to be
    taken seriously in a mostly indifferent environment, as well as wearing it
    well. (If I’m going to do it, I want to do it right). I still uphold the promise
    made at age 16, though. No ties. At all. 🙂

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