Dead Language

March 13, 2009

As a sideline to my interest/research into art re: mental health and disability I’ve been working a lot with text again lately.  It also feels good just to type or scribble something short on an image or blank surface; I think I can probably understand at least part of the impulse behind tagging.  In this case, though, it’s tagging turned inward, or reflexive tagging.  It’s not like the writing on the stop sign near where I work that alters the sign to read “can’t STOP (indecipherable).”

Here are some images that look back/add to the Los Angeles project of writing on negatives that I worked on earlier this year.  Some fair stuff; I think the llllost one is the keeper.   The issue for me with these works, though, is size; they’re not meant to be seen at a size at which the “writing” is easily seen as such.  Instead, they’re large prints (usually 30×40″ or bigger) meant to get the viewer to rexamine the concept of writing as such. 

In other words, the prints need to be large to defamiliarize them from ephemeral written communication.  Plus there’s a lot of detail in how the Sharpie reacts to the surface of the negative that is interesting (I think) to look at.





2 Responses to “Dead Language”

  1. AdamFeldmeth Says:

    A little cy twombly with that last one?

  2. Nicholas Says:

    It’s very ad-hoc Twombly, whose work I love. And the comment about which reminded me about a whole project I had forgotten about, so thanks!

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