Men in Suits, again

March 14, 2009

Because today is the closing reception and the forced sociality of receptions drives me up the wall I thought I would post some of my recent favorites from the project, which maybe is cooling down now and maybe not, depending upon who comes to this reception and whether they want their pictures taken. 

It’s also sort of weird how I hit what I think is a regional nerve with this stuff; all the guys are midwestern or have moved here and I can’t imagine this stuff working in a place like LA but there seems to be something about the stillness and formality that is very upper-midwest and therefore hits the aforementioned regional nerve.  Which is weird for what started out as half conceptual piece and half fashion photogrpahy, the combo of which is very LA.

Also, I can’t get over the painting in the third one down of the guy with the rifle.  It’s just so wtf that I love it.






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