Rapid Response Relational Aesthetics

March 18, 2009

Adam’s comment in the last post re: art for spaces other than the white cube got me thinking that I need to back away from claiming photography a little bit and work more on projects that involve people and/or are immediate and ephemeral.  Do a Harrell Fletcher. 

What’s below isn’t quite that but it’s a step away from careful craft toward actual engagement with the world: some more quick impulsive photo text pieces kind of making fun of Ed Ruscha.  Maybe it would be good to make a book of these titled Making Fun of Ed Ruscha and then mail it to him.  More to follow.






One Response to “Rapid Response Relational Aesthetics”

  1. Will Says:

    I love these, and simple pieces like this can be nice in that you can
    produce a lot of them more quickly than more conceptual stuff.

    Any thoughts on getting out of an unproductive slump/nervous fatigue/
    generally feeling overextended?

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