New Old Work

April 16, 2009

These images were produced in 2007 and used in the CalArts MFA midresidency show, then ignored until this week, when I decided to recombine the images with what had been separate color blocks in the original installation.

I’m doing a lot of this lately; having rushed headlong through my grad career in a state of hyperproduction, I’m going back now and realizing “hey, there’s all this stuff I did.”   The problem is that I’m the opposite of a pack rat; I sort of compulsively throw things away / delete them.  So it’s saying something that this work even still exists.

This was prompted by two things: 1 ) more thinking about the MFA open studios (i.e. I produced more work in school than it was literally possible to show, despite a lot of opportunities to do so) and the big thing, a trip to Fake Iraq #2 in Louisiana this June.  The upcoming trip made me comb through around 1,000 digital pics and I again realized that there’s more work I could do there, which will probably show up here in coming weeks.*

*And it’s weird and telling that I don’t consider the photo itself a finished object, but a starting place for “work.”  That may have a lot to do with my overproduction and my move towards digital, which encourages a “shoot first, think later” kind of practice.

**Also I realize these are total Gavin Hipkins rips, but they were fun to make anyway.  Go click on Gavin Hipkins in the sidebar.







One Response to “New Old Work”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’ve never seen these before; I like them very much. How big were they printed for the mid-res show?

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