Pattern Recognition Decoration

April 27, 2009

So the title doesn’t exactly describe what I’m up to here; decorative patterns generated by math have already been done.  But what I’m talking about is a continuation of 1) talk here about work with the pattern & decoration legacy of the ’70s and 2) continuation of some work I did in 2004.

The project in 2004: to take large pieces of unstretched floral-print fabric and paint text culled from Frank O’Hara poems on it.  The apparent casualness and frivolousness of the fabric rubs up against O’Hara’s deliberate used of the apparently causal and frivolous as an aesthetic strategy.

And you won’t even find any “famous lines” here from the poems; instead, I’ve gone for fragments of poems I know well that aren’t necessarily his additions to the dubious canon of American Lit.

Some sketches are below, using scrapbook paper and photoshop.  I’m interested in how the ephemeral nature of the statements contrasts with the printed floral patterns, meant to decorate, show and perserve.  More later.




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