Tedium, violence, and strepthroat

June 21, 2009

So I’m leaving tomorrow to go to the other Fake Iraq, the JRTC in Louisiana, so of course I get strepthroat so that I can be hot, awkward and in pain all at once.  Yay, but also, you know, whatever.

I am excited about going, though.  Just now I’ve been looking through military- and JRTC-related clips on YouTube and they seem mostly to consist of one of three things: 1) explosions; 2) wrestling; and 3) dancing.   This jibes with what I understand being in the military must be like: long stretches of skull-crushing boredom punctuated by moments of violence and chaos.  Not fun. 

But here’s a sort of standout clip, short and to the point:


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