JRTC fake Iraq part 1

June 29, 2009

So I am back from Fake Iraq, again.  This experience was a mixed bag; some good experiences, but a lot of frustration and waiting.  It amounted to a lot of miscommunication between the Public Affairs Office, the visiting Public Affairs Office, and me,  and all in all I have no regrets. 

It was also frustrating from a photo persepctive ’cause I usually work in series and conceptual bodies of work but what I mostly came away with were great single images.  Which is SOP for photojournalists but which is a new, odd thing for me.

The one “series” I produced was of an empty, isolated town not yet being used for training.  There’s no text on the street signs, and the buildings are all shut, and the place is desolate and the streets are literally covered in horseshit: there are wild horses in the area.  So here are a few pics from that series, and I’ll have some stories and some single images later.

Also the “actually going to Iraq” thing may be back on so if you have $6k sitting around, get in touch.






One Response to “JRTC fake Iraq part 1”

  1. Will Says:

    Congratulations and welcome back. I like this series, especially
    the last one. Eerie how much it looks like any American strip
    development or industrial park.

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