Pure Horror

July 24, 2009

So in order to not resent the success of my contemporaries I’ve been navel-gazing, lately, thinkin’ about my work.  It seems like I was at my best when there wasn’t such a long period (months or years) between impulse and production, so leaving aside the fact that other than shows I’m curating I have zero (0) shows coming up in the near or distant future I’m trying to get back to closing that gap.  Instant gratifcation equals instant gratification here, I guess.

So the impulse was to respond to earlier work I did erasing the text from old military paperbacks by erasing everything but the title from old horror paperbacks.   And then these isolated titles seemed to warrant being engulfed in a void, so I added a nice void.  So, then, from an idea on Wednesday you have the results today, below, of a few of the set of ten images.  Now I just need a place to show them heh heh heh.





One Response to “Pure Horror”

  1. You have work in the fake Iraq show at Angel’s Gate in San Pedro at the end of summer! Will you be coming out for that? The Larry Johnson show at the Hammer will still be up, which this work makes me think of.

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