August 15, 2009

So I am trying something new, here, by actually embedding some audio.   This is because, as part of my meavy metal wanderings, I’ve actually gone past “immersed” and become submerged in early ’90s British underground music.   And since this stuff is, generally speaking, out of print and has been for 15 years, I wanted to share what I’ve been walking around humming at work.

First up is Coil.  I am a huge Coil fan, but wait, you’re saying, Coil aren’t metal.  This is true.  They were sort of a jumping-off point for me in the ’90s to explore underground-ish music though so it counts, plus it was a scene where seemingly everybody knew everybody, etc.

Standard disclaimer: these tracks are for educational purposes and will be taken down immediately if requested by the owner etc. etc.  They’re only up for one week anyway.

 Coil — Blue Rats 

“Blue Rats” is taken from Coil’s 1996 “Black Light District” LP and was partly inspired when the band found an old litho in an OTO book of a girl being menaced by, you name it, blue rats.

Getting slightly more metal now, I’ve got some nice Scorn for you.  Scorn was founded by one of the people who started Napalm Death, Nic Bullen, and an erstwhile Napalm Death drummer, Mick Harris.  Bullen eventually left the project and what you have here is a 1994 solo track by Harris as Scorn off Anamnesis. 

Scorn — Get Up

Finally, we have God.  God is one of the many collaborations between former Napalm Death guitarist and Godflesh leader Justin Broadrick and dub producer Kevin Martin.  This is about as metal as things are going to get, even though it’s a remix (by Broadrick) of the original track. 

God — On All Fours (Biomechanical Mix)

More later about how all this ties together with pictures of horror novels and hair.


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