Wait, what?

October 20, 2009

Sometimes, when you are an image scavenger like I am, you come across something just totally mindbending and, well, wrong.  As in, “this should not exist, and yet here it is.”  I’ve been doing a lot of image scavenging lately vs. the other kind (traditional photography) because it’s a nice switch-up now and then.  Mostly I’ve been scanning the covers of old westerns and blowing them up to very large scale but then I got an anatomy/physiology workbook and encountered within its pages the images below:


So, you say, that’s an anatomical drawing of a box of crackers?  Why yes it is.   Why does it exist?   Who can say.   But now it’s sitting digitally on my harddrive and will probably someday soon be a large color lightjet print, so that many more people can stop and look at and say what the fuck is this?, which is (I’m not kidding) one of art’s primary responsibilities: to jolt people cognitively out of their expectations.  You would maybe expect a photo of a box of crackers to hang on a wall as part of some sub-Shore or sub-Goldin project, but no: all you get is a large, clean anatomical drawing.  No easy explanation forthcoming.  It’s this jolt that I look for when I look at art, and I think it’s where a lot of the pleasure comes in when you make the non-touchy-feely kind of art that I do, because I’d stand firm behind my statement that my art’s just as pleasurable as some kind of gooey painterly abstraction.  (Which, now that I’ve painted big 6×4′ paintings, can I say I’m a painter, too?)


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