Blank Stare

November 18, 2009

A conversational tidbit today:

My friend Tom: “Your problem is that you don’t have any money.”

Me: (hysterical, slightly unhinged laughter)

I checked out the adult services section of Craigslist this week ’cause I am that desperate but there was nobody trolling for any m4m.   So, sigh.  Otherwise I spend my time trying to curate art shows nobody wants to be in, and making new work, for which my whole m.o. now is: find something at the Dollar Tree, buy it, photograph it, can it.  I can’t even find any models for any portraiture ’cause everybody wants to get paid, now, even ugly people like me.  But whatever.  You just push push push push push and then something eventually happens or you die of exhaustion.

So here are some dollar store pics, plus bonus profanity.  Enjoy!   (This streak also has to do with Warhol; I will write about him soon.)


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