Pattern/Decoration Image Dump

December 8, 2009

So I’ve taken maybe 1,000 photos in the last two months, made a few dozen paintings and sculptures, and scanned in a whole bunch of other images from books to use as art fodder.  I’m hyperactive because I’m waiting waiting waiting WAITING WAITING FUCKING WAITING and I need to create the illusion of forward momentum.  Art: it’s like therapy, except your photos never judge you and you can make money off them if you’re well-connected.

Back a minute, I went on about pattern and decoration being integral to my work; this has come out very strongly in my Dollar Tree practice, because there is a nearly endless supply of shiny crappy shit you can buy there and make close, unfocused photos of.  Also down the way a bit in the strip mall where I work there’s a Joann Fabrics where you can and do buy a yard of this or that for similar experiments.

I’ll theorize more later (I hope to get back to doing this more) but for now, here’s a metric ton of faggy (Dean Sameshima’s term, meant in a good way) photographs of tawdry crap.  The first one and last two are my faves.


One Response to “Pattern/Decoration Image Dump”

  1. Will Says:

    Along with the first one (it’s landscape-ish and story-setting for me),
    and the last two (deep, unreasoning, lifelong passion for small colored lights)
    I really like the 6th from the top (surprising to see a flat photo of only
    texture, really nice jarring ‘what’s this?’ effect), and the 8th from the top
    (especially in this series, the visual depth is good and the close cropping
    makes it look like a mattress the size of a ballroom). Good stuff. Post more!
    Sell me big jpgs, I’ll buy ’em!

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