Stage Makeup Ultraviolence

December 10, 2009

I realized this morning that every person I’ve known in a position of power in the art world who has befriended me and acted as a mentor and then ultimately betrayed me is part of a working system that actually has nothing to do with me.  It’s advantageous for people to be warm and friendly and make a lot of promises they have no intention of keeping; it’s a way of keeping a lot of plates spinning; the problem about continually getting burnt is that I’m autistic so I’m so naive that I (always!) take people at their word. 

Some people are great and you can trust them; but more often than not I’m just a tiny blip on the radar of most people, especially (cough) “busy” people, and that’s that.  What’s painful is that I keep having to relearn this lesson over and over but I did take to heart some advice I found in the (excellent) account of the US Iraq invasion, Generation Kill: “Don’t pet a burning dog.”  I need to write that shit down and pull it out and recite it to myself whenever anyone starts acting cagey toward me.  The world is full of burning dogs.

And so on to another image dump; this is all from a book I found where I work, a ’70s book on stage makeup.  I’ve spent the fall putting together a 40-image portfolio that is supposed to make the rounds but is not, but anyway the top image is from it and resonates nicely with some other photos I’ll post soon.

Also, I could not figure out the reasoning behind the makeup color charts at all, and I took a whole class in this shit in college; but I like the way they look.  

Also, as soon as you’re done reading this go buy and listen to Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone and put it on headphones loud and come back and read this blog and it (the blog) will make more sense.


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