“Nick Grider Romance Novel”

January 11, 2010

Okay, well, sure.  Looking at the stats of this very blog, I noticed that the top search people were using to find the blog was “Nick Grider Romance Novel.”

Now, that’s bizarre.  Because not only have I mostly avoided romance novel covers as material (too easy) but nobody I know anymore ever uses Nick instead of Nicholas, nobody knows me as Nick, and yet in someone’s mind the foreshortening of my name is linked up with romance novels.  AND that search led them here, for whatever reason.

I sort of can’t wrap my head around that.

Although, in a related story about how ultimately both the internet and used bookstores are wonderfully random, I found a romance paperback written by a woman with the same name as a great friend of mine, the excellent artist Dee Williams.  The Dee Williams I know is a razor-sharp conceptual/multimedia artist, while doppelganger Dee Williams wrote a historical romance novel called Sunshine After Rain maybe ten or twnety years ago (I forgot to look at the copyright date.)

So I don’t have anything deep to say about this, I just sort of wanted to point it out like you point out a stray dog in the street peeing on something expensive.

Also, I need $11000, if you have it.  I need to go to some warzones to not die and to make some art. 🙂


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