Men in the Cities

February 24, 2010

So the idea here was to take some pics of men in suits minus the formalism of the old-school seven-year project and plus the formalism of self-consciously trying to cop an nth generation Nan Goldin snapshot aesthetic.  They’re too antiseptic for the warmth of even a decent ripoff, though, which leaves me reminded more of the Fiona Apple video for “Criminal” minus the naked people and heroin aesthetic.   Though, what I wouldn’t give for a portrait studio that included wood paneling and shag rug.  (I’m not joking there.)

Instead you get my charmingly spare and dumpy apartment, conveniently located between a drug house and an abandoned house and across the street from a city high school where the police “catch” the students with drugs and or guns every week or so.  Weather seems to play a factor there: right now it’s snowing something fierce, and the cops usually come around more when the weather is nice, though they always leave the low-level drug dealer next door alone, which who cares, because I can’t stand the neighbors less because of the low-level pot dealing than because of the constant intra-family screaming matches.  (It’s the pastoral house next a mostly Latino church that doesn’t have services on Sunday and is sort of pentecostal mixed with a healthy does of santeria from what I can tell.  Definitely an interesting place.)

All of which is to say that I’m homesick for Los Angeles.

Image dump (and I got through that post without mentioning the creepy homoeroticism!):

for reference, here’s an old Men in Suits pic (not nearly as homoerotic unless you’re an expert):


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