Two Things

March 4, 2010

Q: Is it possible to make work about mental health without getting all Tracey Emin on one hand and completely clinical and remote on the other?  I’m in the process of finding out, so things might get a little messy up in here, because as of now I feel more inclined toward the Emin route but those of you who know me and know Emin’s work know that that’s a stretch.

Previews of work in the works: a stack of my complete mental health records 2004-2009; a video piece with an actor reading selected excerpts of that stack; some pictures of knives and blood and bandages.  Heavy stuff.  But I’m also writing, right now, about how the public mental health care system in Milwaukee is irrevocably broken and how now I’m undergoing treatment at the ever-cheery Healthcare for the Homeless because that’s all there is.  (Mostly, the people who may be homeless seem nearly catatonic with depression, but if you were homeless wouldn’t you feel more or less the same?) Any recommendations of artists?  The only graceful stuff I can think of is FGT and related art dealing with AIDS.

Thing two: somebody found this site using the search term “teenage boy latex glove”.  That’s hugely fucked up.  Cheers!


2 Responses to “Two Things”

  1. Michael Says:

    Teenage boy latex glove is hot. There’s a few things I’d like to do to Adam Feldmeth that involve a latex glove.

    Did you ever see the Modern Primatives issue of RE:search? Bob Flanagan? I think Sophie Calle, Nan Goldin, Mark Morrisoe all do a better job of exposing their personal lives that Miss TE.

    • Nicholas Says:

      Mark Morrisoe I’ll need to look into, and Bob Flanagan I’m pretty familiar with–just needed my memory jogged. Nan Goldin I’m sort of hot and cold on. I haven’t looked at much of her stuff lately; this is homework for me so that’s good. When you are unemployed and there are no art galleries to go to you need homework. 🙂

      Also, do you have a specific beef with TE or is it the usual (legit) YBA deal?

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