March 20, 2010

As an undergrad, I was a theatre major.  Yes, I know.  Anyway, though, I graduated ten years ago.  One of my classmates went on to study scenography and become an awesome expert and is now a full professor wasting his talents at my undergrad university theatre dept.  🙂

But one of his specialties has always been makeup, especially gore/fantasy makeup.  And he’s taught his class really well, and let me come take photographs on “gore” day.  This was nice because after doing a lot of scanning and photocopying it was nice to use a camera again, and I got some good shots.    Most of the kids involved, I guess, got their inspiration from images at but I haven’t visited that site yet; I am not easy to gross out but I am not eager to test myself either. 

Anyway, there was one student in the class who, when getting her photo taken by me, struck modeling poses.  It was aweseome.  I feel like I got a half-dozen good portraits but hers stand out for their sheer audacity.  No direction from me, and she did her own makeup; here you go (and judging from the magical couch color differences obviously I need to do more color correction):


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