CalArts 2010 Open Studios

March 23, 2010

Ok kids, the nicely-designed website for annual Open Studios is up:

Open studios will be April 11th.  And of course I will not still be in town then.  But I will write a (p)review soon.  Mostly everything looks great and my one complaint is that everybody’s still doing video, but that’s ameliorated a bit by the ability to embed video on the site.   Plus a lot of these folks have websites that help explicate what’s going on.

I think we’ve finally reached a cultural tipping point, though, where (for young people) the moving image is the lingua franca of contemporary art practice.   What that means for the still image is anyone’s guess, but given cost ratios for production and the push toward the “unique” photo I don’t see it sticking around very long (which is neither good nor bad).


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