So anyway

May 1, 2010

Right now I have the kind of depression where I’m not actively sad or anything but a) it’s incredibly hard to get me out of bed and b) I can’t focus on anything at all, so I am useless and this current entry is going to be one of those loser blog entries that’s just all links.

Go here for a good collection of me and Michael Buitron’s queer abstraction conversation.

Go here to see my swank website for my “bands”.

Go here to see what I was up to when I dropped out of Oberlin (Conservatory) in ’95/’96 and for the worst song ever.  (Filed under: Quivernymph.)

Go here for awesomeness.  Free download!

Go here because this guy suddenly sort of just materialized in my life.

Go here because you should follow this blog regularly.

Back to bed!


2 Responses to “So anyway”

  1. Nicolas, you have to get up. Walk three miles a day. Brush your teeth. Floss. Stretch. Eat good food. Call a friend every day. Find your happy thought. You are loved.

    • Nicholas Says:

      Ha, yes. I’ve been this way on and off for 16 years though. It’s a bit of a problem. And the Wonderful New Medicine I’m on solves the sleeping problem because it makes me pass out. (I’ve been on it before.)

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