Newer Brief Experimental Videos

June 26, 2010

Sometimes I worry than having done the whole Fake Iraq thing that that’s what people know me as–a documentary photographer–vs. how I see myself: a conceptual artist who relies on photography a lot.  Which is why I think my more recent work is leaning heavily toward queer stuff and abstraction; I want to establish, to the 6 people who read this blog, that I am not just “the guy who takes photos at military bases”.

Here are a few short video pieces produced this week:

The first two are variations on a lucky shot–I was videotaping the TV screen to get random Hz-bothered footage when I realized that some channels just broadcast a black screen, so I let that run for a minute or so.  Then, in my state of the art Windows Movie Maker I applied two different low-grade filters to highlight the moire patterns going on in the otherwise blank screen.  Both are intended to loop on medium-sized monitors in otherwise completely dark rooms.  For some reason the 2nd video is not what should actually appear on screen so I will look into that.

The third video is one-half of a two channel Steve Reich phase piece homage; the videos would slowly fall in and out of sync with each other.  And the phrase is weirdly vague and (I think) hypnotic though it lacks the social commentary of the Reich pieces.  And I think the video is necessary to couch the audio as some kind of oratory.


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