Photo Nostalgia(?) Dump

July 10, 2010

I bought my first medium format film camera (a Mamiya C330 twin lens reflex) in fall 2003 after I started at CalArts and everyone around me had a Big Camera; I shipped that camera off to be sold today to the same place I bought it from, effectively ending my use of film negatives.  (I have two novelty film negative cameras but I don’t use them and don’t count them as Real Cameras anyway.)

Maybe because of that or coincidentally I’ve also spent the last week sifting through and organizing my negatives–at least the ones that are left, because I accidentally threw away around half of the total in March 2008.  I’ve been scanning anything that looks interesting, so I have a really random collection of photos united below by the fact that I had never gotten around to scanning them before.  These were taken on a variety of cameras, mostly a Fuji fixed-lens rangefinder I used to check out from the CalArts photo cage all the time, but they also include shots on the Mamiya twin lens, which I haven’t really even used in three years and don’t really miss.

These all date between April 2004-April 2008.   And I don’t even recall where I was / when I took some of these so, you know, what that implies is what is actually the case: I have taken a lot of photographs over the last ten years.  Probably somewhere around 30,000.


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