This is Never Going to Stop

August 8, 2010

Making art, that is.  Regardless of whether I ever have a “career” or not. but keep your fingers crossed.  Because making art is the most pleasurable thing I can think of, really.  (Yes I like it that much.)  And the past four days have been spectacularly fucking bad, but my solution is to say, fuck that, I’m making some art and listen to the new Arcade Fire album (which is 64 minutes of genius) on constant repeat.  Not avoidance but persistence.

Talking about feelings probably makes you uncomfortable though so let’s get to it: I’ve become interested and need to do a lot of research on the idea of the Vanitas, but here’s a makeshift Vanitas-esque thing and some other dollar store stuff as well.   And dirty language.


2 Responses to “This is Never Going to Stop”

  1. Will Says:

    Fingers crossed for you here. This is the best way to deal with bad days, absolutely.

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