Pink as Punk

August 19, 2010

Okay so this is more of a limb-stretcher than Great Art but it’s fun so there you go.  The idea, such as it is, is to grab punk concert images from Google, posterize them so they look like photocopies, and then “dye” them various shades of red/pink so you have a lush, possibly feminized color scheme for something traditionally masculine (with the exception of everybody from The Slits through Erase Errata but bear with me).

So it’s gender studies 101 stuff and easily dismissed but, as with the previous post, I like how they look.  And part of the conceptual shutdown has to do with pondering the question of what makes it into galleries, and what makes it into galleries is stuff that “grabs” you, whether it’s theoretically sophisticated or not.    In fact there are a lot of artists out there, especially photographers, who sort of rely on theoretical sophistication to be added after the fact.  Which: hmm.  I’m not going to stop being weird and only spottily “commercial” because it’s strictly Ideas First around here but on the other hand I do need to sell some goddamn art.


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