B—ss M—–f—-rs

September 3, 2010

The blanked-out title of the post is also the title of the following works.  I’ve been thinking about this, to put it crudely: how to I take something coded as effeminate (scrapbook paper) and futz with it so that it de-feminizes it?  Not that things need to be de-feminized, but I am looking for something so beyond that it’s gender neutral.  Photographs usually show us the human body, and mine have mostly been about men at (fake) war, so this is a 180 designed to get me off track of worrying about whether I’ll be able to have the cash to embed or not.

You could argue that the title remasculinizes things (if that’s a word) but they’re still butterflies and flowers, and it’s more of a 12-yr-old middle finger than anything adult enough to be rigidly gendered.  Enjoy:


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