Things, and how they fall apart, and how I continue anyway

September 13, 2010

So I planned a trip I cannot afford to Los Angeles in October and in order to pack it in I curated four shows and am doing a performance of my own (about which more in a moment).  Also I planned to have enough money to go to Afghanistan to complete a five-year project.

Things are not going as planned.

Four of the five shows, including the performance, which I spent $200 on already, may bite the dust.  One already has for certain and the other three are in limbo.  One of the five is fine, no worries, everything is okay.  I hope.  And my kickstarter campaign failed today so I need to find creative ways to raise the over $2000 I need in private donations to match other fiscal and in-kind donations and I already got threatened and harassed over that so hey, great.

But anyway, no pictures but here is some art talk.  I’m not crazy about the kind of performance art that is basically 1) reading aloud or 2) actually theatre just performed in a gallery but your mileage may vary.  What I do like is for shit to happen.  So I did a dry run of this in April but this is the performance that I better be doing in October:

Houdini did a “rope challenge” escape where he gave volunteers 100 feet of rope and they tied him to a chair and he escaped.  My piece is that I’m doing the same thing, with two changes: 1) I actively struggle against the volunteers and 2) once I escape we do the same escape with new volunteers over and over until either I or the audience gives up.  So what starts out as magic act ends up as part wrestling match, part pure endurance.  So: things happen.  There’s something at stake: will I or won’t I escape?  And I think with a good chunk of performance art that leans toward the theatrical there has to be something at stake, as with any of the arts.

So the shows I can reschedule if I have to but the performance has to happen, which means I have to find a place that will allow the above craziness to take place.  If you have any suggestions about great performance venues in LA I would be happy to hear them.  Otherwise grr and goodnight, and onward we go.


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